Hotel Pullman Toulouse Centre

I am staying here in Toulouse at this highly-rated hotel across the canal from the train station here in Toulouse.  It is a very nice, modern hotel.  After my experience at the traditional, small Hotel Del Jobo in Paris, this hotel is jarring in its ultra-modern style

My new friend David.  I’ve chatted with him each evening and he’s started giving me free glasses of wine at closing time (midnight).  🙂

Toulouse is clearly a business hotel.  Toulouse is the home of the AirBus headquarters and every evening, the restaurant and bar are filled with American businessmen here to meet with AirBus.  Their loud and brash style are a little annoying and a little embarrassing as I’m sure that I acted similarly when I was on international business trips when I was younger.  

I made something of a mistake in choosing this hotel instead of one of the smaller hotels closer to the old town area, but it’s actually not that bad.  It’s only about a 10-minute walk to old town an I have a very short walk to the train station and the bike rental store by the canal (where I plan to head tomorrow). 

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