Bicycle Tour of Toulouse Area

I had big plans to do some significant bicycle touring here in southern France.  As the map below shows, there is a series of canals that were mostly built around 200 years ago to connect the Mediterranean with the Atlantic so that there would be a trade route that didn’t require making the dangerous trip through the Strait of Gilbraltar and around Spain.  The canal tow paths now form a popular 6-day tour from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean that I would like to take some day.

I had plans to do two full-day rides of 50-70 miles per day along this canal path by taking a bike on the train one way and riding back to Toulouse.  Really, I did.  I even bought a book and brought my bike shoes and clothes.  🙂

However, between web research and visiting some bicycle shops in the city, I could not find any easy way to rent a real road bike.  My choices came down to mountain bikes or “city bikes” – big heavy bikes with fat tires.  Clearly, I’m not going to do 50 miles on one of those!!

So, today I rented one of those city bikes and set out to explore the area.  I headed southwest on the Canal du Midi.  It is a great trail for riding – paved, separated from auto traffic, pretty smooth, shaded, nice views, and, most importantly, flat!  🙂

I rode on the canal path for a while and then I was getting hungry, so I used my trusty iPhone GPS to find a quaint local place for lunch.  🙂

After that, I circled back through the city to the river and worked my way back to the bike rental shop near my hotel.

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  1. Richard McClure says:

    Very cool. Looks idyllic.

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