Heathrow Layover

It’s 10:30AM here in London and my connecting flight to LA doesn’t leave for six hours.  Getting some breakfast now and catching up with blogging on my activities yesterday in Toulouse.  I spent my final day hitting the major tourist sites in the city prior to dinner and the Bastille day fireworks.  I actually visited five separate sites:

  • Capitole de Toulouse
  • Notre-Dame du Taur
  • St. Sernin Basilica
  • Musee Saint-Raymond – Musee des Antiques de Toulouse
  • Musee des Augustins

Toulouse has a rich history going back to the Roman days.  In the time of Roman rule, it became a prominent city and, during the reign of Augusts, walls were built around the City.  Tbe city’s location at the meeting point of the Garonne Reiner and the newly built Via Aquitaine made it an important location.  The city walls were unnecessary during the Pax Romana, but were built as favors of the Roman emperors to indicate a city’s status.  

Toulouse is in the middle of a major initiative to restore its historical sites as described in the sign I photographed below.  When the project is completed, it should be a very impressive attraction!

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