On the Road Again – to the Land of Darkness (for about 2-3 minutes)!

Last month, I re-activated my blog for my trip to France after being dormant for over 4 years.  When I returned, I figured it would be a significant period of time until I re-activated it again.  Wrong!!

Last week, my son Michael called to ask if we still had any of our old Boy Scout camping gear around.  It had been mostly locked in a storage container for about 10 years, but I still had the padlock key, and it was all still there!  He told me that he had decided to drive the 14 hours to Oregon and camp at a cattle ranch/music festival to experience the upcoming solar eclipse in its path of totality.  Some of his friends were going to join him but they all backed out for different reasons, so he decided to go by himself, which I thought was very cool!   

Anyways, after thinking about it for a day or two, I decided to join him for this once in a lifetime experience.  Friday morning early, we’ll be leaving to drive north towards Oregon.  The plan is to stop in Redding, CA for the first evening and arrive at the Wine Down ranch mid-day Saturday to set up our camp.  I’m excited for the indie/folk/bluegrass music, the hiking in the beautiful central Oregon countryside, and, mostly, to experience a total solar eclipse!

The eclipse is Monday morning.  We’re planning to not try to fight the traffic to leave the area that day, but to stay Monday night and enjoy the rest of the festival and then head to Portland on Tuesday.  Michael has booked an air bnb in Portland where he will stay the rest of the week after I leave to fly back to LA on Wednesday.

I plan to take my iPad and to blog again during this trip.  However, I’m told to expect very spotty cell coverage that will probably be overwhelmed by the influx of visitors for the eclipse, so I may well be off the grid for a few days up there.  I’ll keep blogging, but the posts may not make it online until after we leave the area on next Tuesday.

I’m very excited about this short-notice mini-adventure!!

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