Stopover in Redding

Day one on our pilgrimage to Oregon for the eclipse (it sort of feels that way).  Left the house around 6:00AM and had a reasonably pleasant drive 555 mile drive.  Pleasant because Michael did all of the driving.  We listened to interesting podcasts and audiobooks on the drive as well as previewing some of the Indie bands that are going to be performing at the festival.  We stopped several times on the routs which turned 8-9 hours of driving time into about 12 hours door-to-door.  Michael and I both like using Yelp to find interesting local places to eat on our drive instead of the usual fast food and chain restaurants.  We stopped for breakfast at a nice local diner in Sylmar 

And a very American grill-style place in downtown Modesto that, somewhat surprisingly, had some very cool jazz-oriented art on the walls and served great burgers.

We’re staying at the Redding Super 8 motel (one of the top rated hotels in Redding.  Seriously).  
We’ve got a dinner reservation later this evening at an interesting looking place that appears to have great views of the Sacramento River that runs through the city.

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