Sunday Morning at Moonshadow Festival

It was a cold night sleeping last night!  It is surprising how the wheather goes from hot days to pretty cool evenings!  Slept reasonably well (Michael seemed to do better), but I think I’ll definitely be catching a nap this afternoon.  The stars were pretty incredible last night after all the lights went out at the ranch!

We decided to drive into Prineville this morning to get some breakfast and get back onto the grid for a little while.  Prineville is the nearest town to the ranch.  It’s about 10 miles south of the Winedown ranch and just on the edge of the Totality Zone.

Here is the schedule for today.  I caught the flute blessing but skipped out on the yoga.  

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  1. Jeff wilcox says:

    Do they bless just the flutes or all the woodwinds at the flute blessing?:)

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