Thursday Night in SaiGon

I’m back at my favorite blogging spot in SaiGon – the rooftop bar of the Majestic. It’s still warm and sticky down on the street, but up here there is a pleasant cool breeze blowing and a beautiful moon over the river.

I have recovered nicely from my head cold and had a good day at the AETA conference. There were some technical problems with the projector, so I had to speak to part of my presentation without projected PowerPoint slides, which is a bit difficult for mathematical topics! The bigger challenge that I haven’t yet mastered is how to present a 10-page academic paper in 15 minutes. It is impossible to even superficially cover the content of the paper. I think in the future, I should forget about trying to summarize the paper in a talk and instead give a “meta-presentation” of the paper simply tries to summarize the key points. I am comforted by the fact that nobody else at these conferences seems to do any better.

At any rate, it was a pleasant day at the conference and I had several interesting conversations with the other participants.

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