SaiGon Jazz

As always when I travel, I researched the local jazz scene and found that the top club here is called Sax n’ Art. It is a nice spot just a block or so from the Rex Hotel and a 10-minute walk or so from my hotel, so I headed there after the conference banquet and a short stop at the Five O’Clock Follies. It has a very nice vibe and when I came in the band was jamming very nicely to a 12-bar blues piece that was followed by a beautiful jazz ballad version of Amazing Grace and then followed by a very credible version of Cantaloupe Island. I was a bit surprised that the audience was about 75% western.

Unfortunately, after that very promising start, a female singer took the stage and the repertoire turned to light pop-jazz tunes. Oh well, I’ll try again tonight and see if I have better luck.

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