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Wrapping my some blog entries as I’m sitting in a restaurant in the Hong Kong airport during my four-hour layover. On Friday morning, I took a guided motorbike tour of Sai Gon. It was a blast – there were about 7 of us riding on the back of bikes being driven by motorbike drivers to a number of spots where our tour guide, Tai, would entertain and inform us. Of course, the most fun part of the tour was riding on the back of the motorbikes!

At one of the first stops, I was excited to take this picture in front of a famous Sai Gon location. Any of my US friends recognize it???

Our first stop was the iconic Sai Gon central post office where we were introduced to “the translator” – an 87 year-old man who has been working there for 70 years translating letters for people into French or English. They tell us he rides his bicycle there to work every day.

We stopped at a number of markets and historic sites and sampled a few of the local traditional desserts.

OK, if you couldn’t figure out what that first picture was, here is a clue …

And, since you’ve gotten this far, a couple of embarrassing photos of me …

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